Bruce Rainnie’s Laptop

For those of us who follow Compass closely one of the great mysteries of life is the laptop that sits aside anchor Bruce Rainnie. What’s on the laptop? Does he use it to update Facebook during the breaks? Could we IM with Bruce when he has a spare moment? Or perhaps it’s just a dummy laptop that serves no function?

Alas these questions remain unanswered. But the laptop did have a larger-than-usual starring role in the closing seconds of last night’s broadcast:


Some helpful tweets from Compass producer Tracy Lightfoot:

  • LOL — you should ask me these things! it is on, he looks at it, and it shows the show lineup in case autocue goes down.
  • one view has the title of the stories and the order, the other has the text. he can toggle back and forth.

You’ll also find a few “behind the scenes” photos of Compass on the Compass Facebook page.


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Ronsworld on February 17, 2011 - 04:33 Permalink

I think the more important observation here is the shirt and tie combo, file that under Sartorial!!!