Bruce Dalzell and Mini-Tramps

I have no idea who Bruce Dalzell is, and there’s scant information about him available online, but I love the opening verse to his song On Becoming An Adult:

I was bouncing on a mini-tramp,

in the middle of my kitchen,

pondering the difference between cynicism and bitchin’.

I’s waiting for the dishes,

drying there in the rack.

Then I find the right cupboard,

and gently put them back.

How much joy can one boy take?

Does it make a sound when my heart breaks?

If nothing else, the song deserves an award for “best (perhaps only?) use of the word mini-tramp in a folk music song.”

The mini-tramp figured prominently in my childhood: first, it was a key piece of gymnastic apparatus at the Hamilton YMCA; second, it was a key plot device in an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati.


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Wayne on April 24, 2003 - 19:18 Permalink

The P.R. event dreamed up by Mr. Carleson, dropping live Thanksgiving turkeys out of a helicopter was one of the funniest moments I have seen on TV. Hitting the pavement and splatting like waterballoons as reported live by Les, the crowd looked on in horror…

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!” sobbed Mr. Carleson.

Todays stuff just doesn’t measure up to genius like that.

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Justin on April 25, 2003 - 00:23 Permalink

By those who are empowered to decide these things, that ranks as the #1 funniest scene in all of TVdom. My favvie is from Cheers… fade to Cliff: “Oh, a Freudian slip — that’s an easy one. It’s when you mean to say one thing, but instead you say your Mother.”

I made it to 40 years old and have never seen a tramp, mini or maxi, with my own eyes. Strange. We sell ‘em where I work, too!

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stephen good on April 25, 2003 - 18:58 Permalink

how often does washing dishes appear in song? Bruce Cockburn:

Today I found out what the luxury of hate is
Maybe as exciting as doing the dishes

not to be confused with his other lines

Today was a dog licking crap from the gutter in the street
Tonight is a dancer oscillating on weightless feet

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KDoyle on April 25, 2003 - 19:30 Permalink

Washing Dishes also appears in The Hip’s ‘Greasy Jungle’:

I stood — at your sink — and I felt — your warm water
I washed — your dishes — and I looked out your kitchen window
Where I saw a soulful — gymnast melt — in the air
And shudder — just above the snow — making moves that just weren’t there.

As a side note, The Hip have the only song I can think of which contains the word ‘vicariously’.

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Chris Kearney on June 8, 2004 - 16:31 Permalink

Answer to the question: who is Bruce Dalzell?

A great guy, warm teacher, good neighbor, thinker, soft spoken man with much to say. Has two CDs that are both fantastic. Bruce D is also a huge fan of Bruce Cockburn.

More info……