Bright Lights, Small City

Ever since I saw my first spotlights, I’ve been a huge fan of the genre. I remember being able to go right up to the big spotlight trucks at the Canadian National Exhibition back in the 1970s: it was like looking into the eyes of God. Which is why it’s so exciting that, due to the presence of the East Coast Music Awards here in Charlottetown this week, we have spotlights of our very own:


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Valerie Bang-Jensen on February 24, 2006 - 04:44 Permalink

You won’t have to go through Hartford because Bradley Field is north of Hartford (between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA). Depending on where Yankee is in NH, you may still be dealing with Boston traffic. Are you familiar with If you need to eat on the way, it’s fun to check out the recommendations.

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Cyn on February 24, 2006 - 06:08 Permalink

I almost did what you did and whipped out my didge to record the lameness of the rotating Hollywood style spotlights. Not quite as dramatic on a foggy night. When I first spotted the lights I thought I was witnessing a really organized display of Aurora Borealis.

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ghislaine on February 24, 2006 - 17:32 Permalink

I thought we were signalling Batman.

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Peter Rukavina on February 24, 2006 - 17:35 Permalink

It would be so cool if Batman did come.

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Mandy on February 25, 2006 - 16:44 Permalink

I was going to ask, wonder if anyone will indeed stick a batman logo onto them.