Bootleg Island Fringe Calendar

The millennials of Prince Edward Island excel at conjuring interesting events. One of these is The Island Fringe Festival, which runs this week. I’m a sponsor, both because I’m a fan and because of excellent urging skills of Josh Coles and Ann Thurlow.

By way of ensuring that more people attend, but really because if something isn’t on my calendar it might as well not be happening, I’ve distilled the festival’s calendar of shows into a handy digital form suitable for integration into your digital lifestyle:

  • iCal Feed – subscribe with your desktop or mobile calendar app at this and, presto, you’re always up to date.
  • iCal File – the raw calendar data should you wish to brew your own custom version of the schedule.
  • HTML – just a regular old calendar

This year’s Fringe promises to be the best yet, and, armed with my trust calendar, I am planning to wring everything last morsel from it.

Screen shot of my Android calender app showing a slice of the schedule.