Boomer + Bruce

Catherine and Oliver tried to go and see Boomer Gallant and Bruce Rainnie in their “night of songs and comedy” next door at Trinity United Church tonight, but there wasn’t a seat in the house to be had. As anyone who has watched the Trinity services on cable television on Sunday mornings knows, Trinity is a huge church, so this is quite a feat. Who can pass up the opportunity to see their beloved local news and weather men sing Christmas carols? Obviously not many!


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Sandy on December 15, 2004 - 15:26 Permalink

I kept scanning the crowd before the show looking for Catherine and Oliver. I was really hoping that they would get in.I hope that he wasn’t too disappointed. The show was great and luckily I have a mother who is early for everything and got us seats in the second row. Riley thoroughly enjoyed it, Bailey hung on until intermission and then fell asleep and Isleen was still clapping and singing until the last number.