Blueberries and Germans

It’s Sunday morning and I’m hear at Timothy’s. Front window is open. Temperature is perfect, with a nice breeze. I ordered a Wyman’s blueberry juice to drink (which earned me a “that’s an excellent choice for breakfast” from the server), along with one of Karin LaRonde’s “packed full of goodness” rice crispie bars. There is a German couple at the PC beside me; “that’s a small machine you have there,” the man says to me.


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Steven Garrity on June 29, 2003 - 19:08 Permalink

The virtual and actual collide. After reading Peter’s entry this morning, I joined him at Timothy’s (always a risk in revlealing your location online). However, during my time there the “perfect” temperature turned into “uncomfortably warm”. Iced coffee helped a bit.