The BLT From Scratch Challenge

Back in the days when Highway #7 running from Peterborough to Ottawa was my corridor-of-choice, I recall a weekend where my friend Stephen Southall and I decided to stop at every restaurant between Peterborough and Tweed and have a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich. As you might expect, it was an exhausting but ultimately satisfying day.

More recently on the BLT front, BLT From Scratch Summertime Challenge! from Michael Ruhlman:

A collective challenge for all of you who really love to cook: Make a BLT from scratch. No, this does not mean raising a piglet for the bacon or growing your own wheat to grind into flour. Yes, extra credit for either, but I want this to be a challenge that everyone can accept, whether you live in a Manhattan walk-up or rural North Carolina, Alaska or suburban splendor: make a BLT from scratch, photograph it and send the photo to me. If you blog, blog about it (and please link back to this post to encourage others to accept the challenge).
From scratch means: You grow your tomato, you grow your lettuce, you cure your own bacon or pancetta, you bake your own bread (wild yeast preferred and gets higher marks but is not required), you make your own mayo. All other embellishments, creative interpretations of the BLT welcome.

A great idea.


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Marian on June 10, 2009 - 23:08 Permalink

I might be inclined to try a BLT here in Ontario, but I’m doing a tomato free garden this year as a sort of crop rotation. It might be interesting to try a bannock sandwich with spinach and cherry tomatoes or some kind of heirloom variety (I’m partial to bannock because I have always had trouble making things with yeast and bannock can be made without).