Will Pate came up to me on Friday with a good idea: aggregate the weblogs of independent world travelers in the same way we’re already aggregating the weblogs here in our workspace.

The result is

I’m gathering feeds, and trying to weed out people who have ended their travels, so it can be marked “experimental” for now.


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Alan on August 9, 2004 - 15:39 Permalink

This is an excellent example of the sort of automated RSS aggregation on a taxonomy I think should be brought in and Dave Winer has thought about so it can’t occur. I categorize my posts in RSS and one is Travel. If you grab that category you will get everything I post on my travels. If others create the same category create and RSS feed, you can grab that too. Then you can encourage subcategorization according to locale or other criteria. The same could be done for music, politics or any other subject creating a one-stop place for structured topical RSS feeds.