Bitaccess ReceiptLast week while visiting Saskatoon, our friends took us out to Calories, a restaurant on Broadway. In the back, en route to the washrooms, I found a Bitcoin ATM, which is something I’d never encountered before.

Mindful that the opportunity might not come up again soon, I inserted $20 CDN, and out popped a “Temporary Bitcoin Wallet,” a paper chit with a public key and a private key that represented my $20 turned into bitcoins.

Today I managed to figure out, after considerable thrashing around, how to transfer this paper wallet into a digital wallet.

And so, in theory, I now have about $18.00 of bitcoins ready to spend.

If you are feeling generous, and want to show me what it’s like to receive bitcoins from someone else, my Bitcoin Address is:


or, in QR code form:

My Bitcoin Address