Big with Older Childless Hispanics

As a test of what I might learn I’ve wired this site into Quantcast and you can see the results on the Quantcast page (always handy under the “What Are You Like?” link in the sidebar on the website).

Quantcast works by collecting anonymous personal data about website visitors (see their Privacy Policy here) and using this to develop an aggregate demographic profile.

The profile of visitors is early on in its maturity — the more data Quantcast gathers, obviously the better guesses it can make — and of course all such tools are at best a “decent estimate” of the actual nature of actual people. That all said, it would seem, from the profile, that this site is popular with childless college-educated 65+ Hispanics with a household income of $30-60K.

I think that I can honestly say that I don’t personally know anyone who falls into that demographic category. So if it’s true, I’m obviously opening up whole new vistas of worldliness.

I assume that shortly the profile will flip over to show April 2007 data, which should be more accurate and tell us all something about who we’re sharing these pages with.


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Ann on April 30, 2007 - 16:05 Permalink

…childless college-educated 65+ Hispanics with a household income of $30-60K…

How does Quantcast know this about people — just because they click on your website? Aggregate or no, I didn’t give Quantcast = or for that matter, you — permission to collect my information, just because I want to read your blog. Do you need my informationto offer this service?
Need and permission are cornerstones of privacy legislation which, clearly, does not apply in the blogsphere.