The Big C

While I’m making shows-on-Netflix recommendations, let me suggest you watch The Big C, a half-hour dramedy starring Laura Linney. See the review in The New Yorker for a quick setting of the scene.

Linney is brilliant, as is Gabourey Sidibe. You either love Oliver Platt or you don’t; I go back and forth. He’s basically playing a less-debauched version of the same character he played on Huff (which you can also watch on Netflix, and which I also recommend).

We watched 4 episodes in one go last night – one of the perils of Netflix is that it enables obsessive previously-on watching like this – and we’ll likely return tonight.


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Juanita on February 4, 2011 - 20:23 Permalink

I just started watching the big c and luv it! How do I watch more episodes? I seem to be able to watch only one.