Bicycles May Use Full Lane

As you’ve been moving about Charlottetown this month you may have noticed new cycling-related street signs installed, marking dedicated bicycle lanes, areas where the road should be shared with bicycles, and the like.

My favourite of this new crop of signs are the “Bicycles May Use Full Lane” signs like this one on Richmond Street.

Many city streets aren’t wide enough to safely allow cars and trucks to pass bicycles, especially the very narrow streets downtown. My strategy has always been to ride such that they simply can’t pass, and while this keeps me safer, it also means I need to gird myself against the palpable “how dare you!?” actions is frustrated drivers: the engine-gunning, the creeping up almost close enough to touch my back wheel, the sudden acceleration when finally freed from my annoyance.

While these signs won’t prevent that, at least they give me official comfort that I’m in the right.