Bicycle Rental in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a beautiful city, and our 24 hours there two weeks ago was too short. One of the most compelling aspects of the city is the degree to which its residents move about by bicycle: to accommodate this, there are bicycle lanes on almost every street downtown, and special bicycle stoplights at each intersection.

Peter on a Bike in Ljubljana

And the city makes it easy for travelers to join in: just off the main square is a cycle rental stand. Show a piece of ID, and leave a 1000 tolar (about $6) deposit, and you can take out a bicycle of your own. The first two hours of the rental are free, and after that it’s 100 tolars (about 65 cents) an hour.

Within easy cycling of the downtown is Tivoli Park, which is also laced with cycle trails. That’s a picture of me on my rental bike in the park.

This is something Charlottetown should consider: giving tourists easy access to bicycles in downtown Charlottetown (and upgrading the road infrastructure to accommodate them) would help mitigate against our lack of public transit, and would broaden the geographic area tourists without cars could cover.


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oliver on October 20, 2004 - 13:40 Permalink

O.K.. Those shadows look pretty real, and you do look to be having more fun than I expect even you derive from texts about telecomm socioeconomics. This trip to Croatia may be hoax, but if so it’s a remarkably good one.