Best wishes to Bruce Garrity

I’ve been working with Bruce Garrity of Tourism PEI in one way or another for 8 or 9 years now.  Most recently Bruce was the host of the the Vacancy Information Service we created TIAPEI.  Under Bruce’s guidance, the Service has grown by leaps and bounds.

Bruce is the kind of guy who always has a story.  Often three or four.  He’s the kind of public servant that you never mind meeting with because you know that there will be just as much talk about how they install telephones in New York City, or about why Blue Herons fly upside down, as there will be about whatever it is you’re meeting about.

Bruce sent ‘round an email this week telling everyone he’s taking “the package” and retiring from the provincial public service.  He will be missed.


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Steven Garrity on March 16, 2002 - 15:47 Permalink

Yeah, he’s alright. ;-)