Best Hotel / Worst Airline

Right about this time I expected to be having to take my shoes off in the security line at Logan Airport, en route to Charlottetown on Air Canada.

Alas Air Canada’s flight from Boston to Halifax is delayed 50 minutes, which means I cannot make a connection to Charlottetown. Air Canada’s option was to put me up in a hotel in Halifax, which is tantamount to condemning me to hell, so I’ve opted to stay in Boston another night.

As such I find myself again sitting on the floor of the bathroom of room #213 of the Club Quarters Hotel in downtown Boston.

Club Quarters isn’t really a hotel, per se. It’s a private member-owned hotel cooperative, owned by large corporations and universities that have banded together to create cheaper lodging for their employees. They sell off weekend rooms to discount hotel brokers, and it’s through such a mechanism that I find myself staying here.

The “hotel” is wonderful. As I mentioned earlier, checkin is completely automated. The rooms are small but well laid out and spotlessly clean. There’s a nice club room downstairs, saturated with wireless Internet access. There’s a restaurant next door. It’s central — two blocks from the State St. T station. It’s quiet. It’s perhaps the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in for business.

This in contrast to Air Canada which I hesitate to even call an airline given their propensity to not fly has affected my life more often than not. This is the second time in less than a year that a Boston to Halifax flight has been delayed, and one of a half dozen or so times that Air Canada’s inabilities have affected me or my immediate family this year. They are, in a word, inept. Sheesh.

That said, there are worse places in the world to be stuck than in Boston. Off to have a tiny bit of fun.


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Johnny on June 17, 2002 - 03:15 Permalink

I can only concur with your assessment of Air Canada. They’ve done something to dissappoint me on every flight I can remember taking, whether its slow check-ins, cancelled flights, crappy food and even broken movie projectors. They just don’t seem like they’re trying very hard.

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mark b on September 30, 2003 - 17:11 Permalink

i would like to vote cubana the worst airline i ever had the displeasure to fly with…a experiance i will never have again..first of all only 3 check-in desks for 300 passengers….then there was the 15 hours spent on the aircraft going form gatwick to havana… leg room..spent 9 hours on the return journey in inflight entertainment so to speak was disgusting..they kept turning the oxygen levels down to save fuel..which as a result 2 people collasped within 2 mins of each was also very hot on board cus of this..felling of nausea and light headedness..not one passenger enjoyed the flight..everyone complained..ans all this was booked thru kuoni..supposed to be a top travel i can say never fly with cubana and never book thru kuoni..