Best Christmas Parade Ever

Because of COVID-19, Charlottetown’s Christmas Parade was rejigged to become a multi-night neighbourhood ramble by a small contingent of emergency service vehicles. Tonight was the night for our “500 Lots” neighbourhood, and the crew just passed through, punctuated by Santa Claus on the PA.

The traditional parade is a seemingly-never-ending cavalcade of service clubs, marching bands, and every single fire truck from the surrounding 50 miles, made bearable by our habit, in recent years, of viewing it from the warmer confines of the front counter at Mr. Sushi.

This year we didn’t have to take off our slippers. It was on and done in about 35 seconds, and yet managed to convey all the community Christmas spirit that was needed. Kudos to the city mothers and fathers for finding a way to pull this off.