Berlin’s Yellow

This season I’m deeply invested in two television shows Counterpart and Berlin Station.

That they are both set in Berlin, and that they both feature the actor James Cromwell, to say nothing that Counterpart requires intense concentration to keep track of (without giving too much away, there are two Berlins involved), means that I’m forever getting characters and situations confused. But I persevere, as both are compelling television.

While Counterpart has a grey palette appropriate to its dystopian nature, Berlin Station is full of the colour of the city, and no colour is more dominant than yellow, as you can see in the opening credits, which start with the approach of a yellow U-Bahn train and go on to feature more yello trains, buses, street art, sunsets and sunrises:

The Berlin Typography blog, as it happens, has a feature, The Colours of Berlin: Yellow, posted today, that furthers the case for yellow being Berlin’s colour.