In Berlin

Got to Berlin in one piece. Spent the leg from Hamburg to Berlin trapped in a hot compartment with an evil-eyed 9 year old who resented that I stole his cool double-wide seat setup with my reservation. Emerged into the chaos of the new railway station and managed, through magic and luck, to navigate my way by S-train and tram, to my hotel. Where I promptly fell asleep. I am now out on the town, trying to work around the different position of the “Z” on the German keyboard and looking for fun.


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Jack Shaw on June 4, 2007 - 19:21 Permalink

Hello, Peter

Geez, you’ve covered some ground since the old “digitalis land” days, eh?
It was thee who put me wise in the old hardcoded HTML days as to what an animated GIF was.

I was looking around the PEI sites (nowhere near the quality of before..ahem) for some info. to disclaim the Elderhostel online info that says the Island was of Irish heritage…and found your Reinvented world. Where and with what can I authoritatively refute that misinformation?

Anyway, in Berlin I’m told that bus 100 is the one to take for a cheap but all-encompassing tour of the city. Nice that you could make it for the G8 brouhaha!

Keep your head down and count your change…they like to slip in shekels and rupees when you’re not looking.