My friend Cynthia is producing The Belong Podcast. Among other things, it’s Canada’s preeminent source of interviews with people named Peter (Rukavina, Bevan-Baker, Mansbridge). But, more importantly and more interestingly, it’s a podcast where people, often people who’ve experienced not belonging, can discuss their lives. 

When we talk about the new opportunities the digital realm offers for new people to make new things, Cynthia’s effort is what we’re talking about.

And now she has a Patreon, where you can support her in her efforts. 

At this hour, I am her only patron, meaning that when she released an video update yesterday, BTS Video about barking dog, I was the audience. If that’s not worth $5/month, I don’t know what is.

Will you consider joining me in patronage, for $3 or $5 a month?

Screen shot of The Belong Podcast Patreon page.