Behold my awesome consumer power!

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting at the front table at Casa Mia Café here in Charlottetown eating lunch. As I have many times before, I watched new customers walk in the front door, stop, and, looking confused, wonder what they should do. Should they sit down? Wait to be seated? Order at the counter? At various times of the day for various customers Casa Mia supports all of these. Which doesn’t make it any easier if you’re new in down and looking for a sandwich.

So I sent my friend Mehrnoosh, co-owner of Casa Mia, an email:

Sitting at the front of Casa Mia and watching how many new customers get confused, I recommend a sign on the podium:

Please Take a Seat!
(For take-out, feel free to order at the counter)

Or something to that effect.

This afternoon, walking by Casa Mia on my way uptown, I noticed this:

Please take a seat...

Okay, so there’s an extra space between “take” and “-out” and there should be a comma between “take-out” and “feel free” – but there was a sign! In less than 24 hours! Behold my awesome consumer power!

What have you recommended to your coffee shop today?


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Valerie on June 25, 2013 - 00:12 Permalink

Signage rocks.