Be Better at Listening

In today’s Connection Problem, Peter included some helpful “best practices for group video calls,” a topic that’s been on my mind a lot (I’ve spent 90 minutes in video calls today so far).

I need to be better at listening, guidance that Pomplamouse has helpfully put into a catchy song. My measuring stick for this of late has been “if I think I’ve been talking a little too much, I’ve likely been talking a lot too much.” My demographic needs to heed this advice 10x more than everyone else.

Another piece of advice, picked up from a client this week during a video call: if you’re working remote, reach out to one colleague (or customer, or vendor, or client) every day to touch base. Just say hi. Ask a question. Pay a compliment. Help to paint in the life-affirming bits of work that sequestering has robbed us of. I tried it today for the first time, and it felt good (and the reply, in the same spirit, only amplified that feeling).