Basic Black, Again

Four years ago in this space I wrote about meeting David Joseph Malahoff, courtesy of my friend Ann Thurlow. Well my matched set of Basic Black staffers grew larger by one this weekend when Ann introduced me to Chris Straw, another of the crew that produced the show.

Chris is working as a CBC trainer these days, based out of British Columbia. As coincidence would have it, he met my brother Steve a few weeks ago in Montreal, proving again that there are really only 17 people in the entire world.

I’m happy to report that, as with the other members of the Basic Black cabal, Chris was affable and full of interesting stories. Oh, and he also went to Trent University and he knows Marg Meikle.


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oliver on October 30, 2006 - 16:54 Permalink

17 people in Canada, you mean.

Marian's picture
Marian on October 31, 2006 - 16:39 Permalink

Didn’t everybody go to Trent? I did too, in case anyone is wondering… which I’m sure you’re not.

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Ann on October 31, 2006 - 20:32 Permalink

I was wondering — really.
I think the statemnt is, more accurately, everyone INTERESTING went to Trent.

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davem on November 1, 2006 - 01:48 Permalink

Chris Straw was also the guy who gave Rob MacDonald and I our first break on radio. He’s a creative and encouraging producer and let us make “Island Roads” —sorta David Weale meets Trailer Park Boys… except 15 years ago. Fun for us… nice of him.