Barry Calder: My New Hero

Compass ran a story on Friday evening about how the Children’s Wish Foundation built a playground in the back yard of Cameron MacDonald. Part of the story was an interview with some of the builders at a local cabinet company who volunteers their time to help build the playground, and one of the builders was a man named Barry Calder. Here’s a transcript of what he says:

I’m healthy. And this childen that we’re doing this for is not. And I wish I could give him my health. But you can’t. So… every little thing you do to brighten somebody’s day is a worthwhile thing to be a part of.

I’d always been something of a cynic about the Children’s Wish Foundation — yes, I realize that makes me tantamount to the devil — but in 14 seconds Barry Calder convinced me of its value. Hats off.


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Dale Sorensen on October 14, 2006 - 04:26 Permalink

I, too, have become more convinced of the value of the Children’s Wish Foundation, after spending the weekdoing some work for them. The enthusiasm of Lee Gauthier (the head of the PEI chapter, with whom I have spent a fair bit of time this week) for this organization and what they do is positively infectious. They have done so much to bring a little bit of joy to a lot of kids who could really use some light in their lives.