Bao Shack

I’ll get over the move of the Trailside from Mount Stewart to town. Eventually. But I’m a staunch nostalgist, and the Trailside was a magic place—truly magic—where performers gave their best performances to audiences inches away, gripped by musical intimacy. My friends tell me the town version is just as good, better even. I’ll get there. Eventually.

In the meantime, in the shell of the old Trailside a new place, Bao Shack, has arisen, a humble Taiwanese diner in the country. We took a clan of seven there for lunch today (they’re only open for lunch, and only on Saturday and Sunday, as I write).

We enjoyed gua bao (think “fluffy spicy sandwich”), gyoza, fried sweet buns, ramen, crispy chicken over rice. It was an improvised menu, prompted by L.’s “we need food for seven” request. The chicken gua bao was my favourite (did I mention I’ve become a hypocritarian of late).

The space is much as it ever was, with some space breathed in, the stage removed, and some mild decorating.

There may be no more Garnet Rogers or Lennie Gallant or Martha Wainwright, but Bao Shack is a pretty good reason for a weekend trip to Mount Stewart.


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Andrew Morrow on June 18, 2022 - 17:23 Permalink

The food was very good and there was a steady flow of customers. You could be a restaurant reviewer if you want to branch out.