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Most people have to wait until at least they’ve won an Olympic medal, or been elected President, or have developed a new way to purify water before they’re written about in the Bangkok Post. Not wee Oliver, though. In an issue of Harold Stephens’ travel online travel column Oliver gets top billing. Take a look and see pictures of our Sunday afternoon along Silom Road with Harold and his wife Michelle.

The only thing you might safely take as an exageration is Catherine’s statement that “back home nobody notices Oliver.” That’s not true of course. But compared to the attention he gets here, it’s not too far off!


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Lisa on February 19, 2002 - 16:00 Permalink

All I can say is “poor” Oliver. Peter — Does this make you and Catherine just a wee bit jealous? Maybe you could just have Oliver “Shrink the Parents” for a day.??