Backyardigans stuck on ferry

The Backyardigans, it says here, were supposed to play today in Charlottetown. Except that they’ve been stuck on the MV Caribou ferry from Newfoundland since Tuesday at Noon. The Cape Breton Post interviewed Backyardigans technical director Jackie Easton by mobile phone:

It’s been fine. It’s more the aggravation of being stuck out in the ocean. We’ve had all the comforts of home, we just couldn’t go anywhere.

For any parent familiar with the Backyardigans and their annoying yet addictive theme song, the notion of being trapped at sea with them is, well, very very frightening. I wonder if, in addition, they are trapped in costume.

Meanwhile the children are sad and Guardian readers are flaming each other about whether this is Breaking News or not.


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Lola on March 21, 2008 - 15:43 Permalink

I’d say for any parent who had paid $30 (each!) for two tickets this would be breaking news.

As a Haligonian, breaking news for me is that Leonard Cohen managed to sell out all five of his shows in an afternoon whereas it took the Backiyardigans a few weeks to completely sell out all of their shows.