Back from Flickr Vacation

I took a Flickr vacation for six months while I experimented with Nokia’s Share on Ovi service. I’ve moved my photo-sharing focus back to Flickr now, and I created ovi2flickr.php to bring my photos back with me.

Share on Ovi proved itself a capable peer to Flickr and technically it matches Flickr in almost every respect but a well-documented API. What’s missing from Ovi, however, is a community. Or at least my community. In the months I used Ovi as the home for my photos only two comments were left, and I became “contacts” only with Jonas.

Meanwhile, back on Flickr, I’ve got almost 100 contacts, and I receive a couple of comments a week.

The idea of centralized photo sharing has never really worked for me spiritually — I wish there was a way to decentralize the Flickr experience and let photos be stored locally and comments, favourites, contacts and other aspects of Flickr work under more of a “federation” system. But, for the moment, there is not. And so my photos go where the community goes.