Back on the Dairy Bike

Since the start of The Meditation in March, Tom Cullen, personable owner of Purity Dairy, has kindly dropped milk and yogurt by our front vestibule each week. My bicycle is on the road now, though, and it’s a beautiful sunny day, so rather than calling on Tom again, I rode up to the dairy myself after breakfast.

There’s nothing better to remind you that you live in a small town utopia than having an early morning chat over the counter with Tom and his cousin Greg about how the milk business is holding up.

My bicycle rack with Purity Dairy milk and a tub of yogurt.

It is so great to be back on my bicycle again after winter: it’s like powering my body up after a long hibernation.


Jude Keefe's picture
Jude Keefe on April 24, 2020 - 15:24 Permalink

Completely agreed! I went for a produce run at an outdoor market today and the route included a few hills - slight, but noticeable while carrying a weighted backpack + cooler bag (sadly, no panniers installed yet!). It is a wonderful burst of joy to kickstart the general laziness isolation mode brings.