Bánh mì in Charlottetown

One of my favourite places to eat in Berlin this summer was Babanbè on Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg: it was a handy 2 minute walk from betahaus where I was working, has friendly staff, and serves terrific “Bánh mì” – Vietnamese sandwiches.

A couple of weeks ago when paying for my regular morning coffee at Casa Mia Café back here in Charlottetown I noticed that they’d added Bánh mì to the lunch menu and I was intrigued. But I resisted dropping in for lunch: I was afraid that Casa Mia’s take on the sandwich would be only a pale imitation of what I’d had in Berlin and I’d emerge disappointed.

But today I had a hankering for Bánh mì that I couldn’t shake, so I bit the bullet and went down to Casa Mia for lunch. I was not disappointed: their take on the Bánh mì has just the right amount of flavour and bite and crunch I was looking for. It’s official my new favourite lunch sandwich in town.