AVShop + RSS

Last week I wrote about contacting AVShop, an Indiana-based retailer of pilot supplies, to suggest they release new product information via RSS.

Over the weekend I heard back from Jerry Richardson in their marketing department:

Thank you for your kind note. We are RSS believers. We’ve been blogging major product news and aviation news since last March. Our atom feed is available at:


I have plans to develop a pilot logbook application that would integrate RSS feeds later this year.
I think the idea of blogging all new products as they are activated would be a real enhancement to our offerings — I will start doing that immediately. I think that would be a valuable resource for our most loyal customers and for our suppliers and media contacts, as well. With the ease of subscribing and unsubscribing to a feed, you have the opportunity to be a “completionist” with the data you are trying to communicate, unlike email, where the opportunity to make an impression is very limited.

Kudos to Jerry for the response, and for preaching in the church of RSS.

Now all I need to do is become a pilot so I can take real advantage of the new feed.