Avis and Budget Car Rental in Downtown Charlottetown

As our 2000 VW Jetta enters its later years, it’s become our habit, when driving off the Island, to rent a car. In the off-season this is always surprisingly inexpensive, a certainly much less expensive than, say, the cost of picking up the engine that’s unexpectedly fallen out of the Jetta in the Cobequid Pass.

Renting a car in downtown Charlottetown has always been easy because the Avis-Budget location is just a few blocks away from both my home and my office, so it’s been easy to walk to pick up the car (once I left the office at 4:50, reserved a car from my mobile phone while walking to pick it up, and arrived just a minute before their office closed for the day).

I was dismayed, then, to see the downtown Charlottetown Avis-Budget location at the corner of Grafton and University close down; I was afraid I’d have to resort to taking a cab out to the airport to pick up a car (or at least to walking out the Avenue to Enterprise).

It turns out, though, that Avis and Budget haven’t moved out of downtown Charlottetown, they just moved offices: their new location is at 6 Prince Street, inside Founders’ Hall, a location that happens to be even closer to our house.

So we’re back in action. Now we just need somewhere to go.

Avis Rental