August, October, 26, 27

I have a disability that is very focused: its entire set of symptoms is related to an inability to distinguish between October and August during the month of October. Recently, however, I have begun to see a new symptom, one related to numeracy. I was absolutely certain that I was scheduled to leave Boston for Charlottetown today (Saturday the 26th of October); it was only when I went to the Air Canada website today and found that there is no flight 8860 on Saturdays that the truth was revealed (that I am due to return tomorrow, Sunday the 27th of October).

Fortunately my hotel was able to accommodate me, and I am none the worse for wear.

I spent the bulk of my rainy bonus day in Boston in the Kendall Square Cinemas in Cambridge.

My first show was Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore’s new film about America, violence and guns. The movie is cast in the well-established Michael Moore mold — a montage of interviews, cartoons, corporate headquarters storming and Moore’s monologues. I can’t say I learned a lot of new information, but there’s no doubting that Moore is an entertaining and razor sharp satirist, and taken simply as a piece of left-leaning political theatre, the movie is an interesting way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Second show was Comedian, the new Jerry Seinfeld movie. It’s a film about Seinfeld’s experiences developing a new comedy act, and consists mostly of a montage of stand-up from he and his peers, along with club chit-chat with people like Colin Quinn, Gary Shandling and Chris Rock. The thesis of the movie is that doing stand-up comedy is Really Hard, and that coming up with a new act is Really Really Hard. Unfortunately that’s about it: the movie is not particularly well put together, Seinfeld is not a particularly sympathetic character, and an attempt to show comedy from the “young guy” point of view fizzles because Orny Adams, the choosen yet-to-break-big comedian, is annoying and in love with himself. Comedian is neither a particularly insightful film, nor will it be satisfying to any but the most devoted fans of Seinfeld’s Seinfeld television show.