Arrived Malmö

After a long day(s) of travel, we arrived in Malmö yesterday around supper, by train from Copenhagen Airport.

By putting our jetlagged heads together we managed to find our Airbnb, a convenient 20 minute walk from the Triangeln station (a station that didn’t even exist the last time Oliver was here, in 2011).

Although we hadn’t made arrangements to meet our Airbnb host, he was conveniently there, just back from a day selling kimchi at a local food festival, and I summoned my last 5% of battery to ask all the pertinent questions (how do we reserve a laundry time? what’s the wifi password? how to we light the stove?).

Once we were on our own and with bearings, we received a kind invitation to pasta with broccoli and garlic from Luisa and Olle, and so walked the short 10 minute walk to their apartment and enjoyed the pleasure of their company well into the evening. As Luisa has said of previous visits, we just picked up the conversation from where we left it off 2 years ago.

Our first sleep in Malmö was fitful, as anticipated; more so for Oliver who, unbeknownst to me, stayed up late trying, in vain, to get his Fitbit on Central European Time (he is a man after his father’s heart; indeed, after his grandfather’s heart even more).

We woke up at a surprisingly normal hour this morning and headed out in search of coffee and breakfast and SIM card; on the way we found the new letterpress studio, Typotopia and, just up the way, a Fotoautomat (with old school analog photo processing).

We found coffee and croissants at Kaffebaren på Möllan, a Lycamobile SIM at Pressbyrån.

We also found that Sweden decided to switch its old paper money out for new, so my Herculean feat of archiving my SEK for re-use on this trip was all for nought.

Oliver’s Fitbit is now on Central European Time and we are following closely behind.


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