Arnold Horshack by Robert Harris

I spotted this Robert Harris painting, Study For Composing His Serenade, in a room at Government House in Charlottetown recently; it’s on loan from the Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Oil on canvas, Gift of the Robert Harris Trust, 1965, CAG H-250).

Robert Harris, Study For Composing His Serenade, undated

It’s disquieting how much the mandolin player in the painting resembles Ron Palillo’s character Arnold Horshack from the 1970’s television show Welcome Back Kotter:

Ron Palillo as Arnold Horshack (from Wikipedia)

Regardless of the Horshack-doppelgänger coincidence, it’s a lovely painting.

If, like me, you are somewhat of a Kotter-o-phile, be sure to listen to this final episode of the ill-fated podcast Mystery Show, an episode that, ironically given the photo of Horshack above, is all about lunch boxes.