Another WestJet YYG to Calgary”

Two Weeks, from The East Pointers, is one of those songs that instantly and naturally finds its place in the canon, filling a void we didn’t know existed.

It also happens to include what I believe to be the first reference to Charlottetown Airport’s IATA code, YYG, in a song lyric:

Monday morning, minus eighteen
Another WestJet, YYG to Calgary
I’d always knew she’d get used to me leaving someday

This solves the perplexing problem of Charlottetown not rhyming with anything.

The song was awarded Song of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards last night, well-deserved recognition.


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Oliver B on May 6, 2019 - 14:20 Permalink

“Why, why’dje leave?” I think you might do well by widening your search.