Annals of Weird Warnings

I’ve just booked a two-week trip to Copenhagen for the spring, in part for reboot, a conference that hasn’t yet even been formally announced (I’m hoping that my having committed to non-refundable air tickets will magically conjure reboot into being).

This year I am safe from the clutches of Air Canada, as I’m taking advantage of Icelandair’s flights from Halifax, which start up again this April. Total return fare, taxes in, from Halifax to Copenhagen, with a day in Reykjavik on the way back, was $933.

While making the booking I was presenting with this weird warning message, in blazing red:

NOTICE: You must type in your last name before your first name. If a name is spelled incorrectly, or the last name/first name format is reversed, do not hit the back button — you must start over! Either use the Start Over button at the bottom of this page or close the window and open a new one. If you hit the back button and change the names, the changes will not take and a correction fee of USD75 or equivalent will be charged. Name changes (i.e. Mary Smith to Cynthia Anderson, etc) are not permitted.

This seems like an obvious case of humans being slaves to the eccentricities of technology. We can make computers do anything we want; why not make them do sensible things, like allowing us to correct our mistakes?