Annals of Sushi

Catherine reports that there’s been a system turnover at the Atlantic Superstore sushi desk. The staff are the same, but the materials, boxes, and varieties are different. We ate our first batch of the new stuff yesterday, and it was markedly better, most noticeably the rice was very moist.

Having perhaps the only three year old boy on Prince Edward Island who is addicted to sushi, this is a Big Event in our household.


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Will on December 5, 2003 - 12:14 Permalink

Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out today.

So the little guy likes his sushi, eh? Very cosmo, Peter.

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Sandy on December 5, 2003 - 14:20 Permalink

Riley, who is now almost 4, was addicted to sushi from about 2 years old until about 3. She still enjoys it now every few weeks, but does not ask for it as often. Does Oliver love hummus, olives and balsamic vinegar as well? These are all things that I never expected Riley to like, but she loves them.

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Peter Rukavina on December 5, 2003 - 16:40 Permalink

When we were in Spain, Oliver became addicted to Olives, has his name would suggest he would. He does like hummus, but not as much as he used to. He does, however, like eating lemons.

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Will on December 6, 2003 - 08:56 Permalink

Lemons? Eww. Back when I was a kid give me a fresh stalk of rhubarb and hold the sugar, and I was as happy as a lark. Mostly because I think it grossed Mom out.

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Sandy on December 6, 2003 - 21:17 Permalink

Riley likes to eat lemons, too!

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Alan on December 6, 2003 - 22:23 Permalink

My five year old eats more than half the whole family’s salmon or lamb when put on the table. Watched her eat 20 bucks worth of chops once. Considered getting some animals in the barn to keep her going. Have you considered making your own sushi? I was doing it for a while there. Not that different a trick from a roll your own…ciggie.

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Will on December 7, 2003 - 09:18 Permalink

Jevon told me that if you roll your own (sushi) it tastes too much like seaweed.