Annals of Planet Restoration

Three websites on the radar this week under the “planet restoration” category (or at least “less planet destruction”).

From my mother comes Meta-Efficient: A Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World, with information on everything from rain water harvesting to energy efficient televisions. The introduction to the site says:

An average household spends $5000 on utilities and gas per year. Incorporating these tools and techniques can dramatically decrease your dependence on petroleum, electricity, gas for heating and cooling, municipal water and sewage utilities. Once implemented these sources will be available to you perpetually.

From Rob Paterson comes news of Talk Energy, a “new international web-site community geared towards sustainable energy solutions, sharing ideas and showcasing innovative alternative energy products.” Talk Energy is based at UPEI, has broad aims, and seems uncommonly chocked full of practical goodness, like this discussion of measuring fridge energy consumption. It’s having a public launch on Tuesday, May 25th at 1:00 p.m. at the Irving Chemistry Building at UPEI.

And, finally, a re-run of a pointer to a site I’ve pointed to before: Dale, Sandy, Riley and Bailey live in a house that’s off the grid. Their website details how they did it, and what they do about heating, appliances and the like. They’re living the kind of stuff that is coffee shop rhetoric to the rest of us. Bravo.