Annals of Peace

Here’s today’s concise quote from the Island Peace MovementTM. Jane Dunphy, commenting on Colin Powell’s speech to the Security Council, is quoted by CBC Prince Edward Island as saying:

“What I saw of the dialogue, I really couldn’t understand. As far as the pictures were concerned, there was a whole lot of interpretation there… and it was straight interpretation.”

Can someone explain to me what this actually means?

Here, as an antidote, is a well worded commentary in the Times of London.


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Dave Moses on February 7, 2003 - 14:18 Permalink

thanks for the link, peter. there was also an interesting mock UN debate on As it Happens… last night (feb 6th). what i heard made me think that any reasonable person, no matter what their stance on war with iraq, would be given cause to reconsider their opinion.

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Wayne on February 7, 2003 - 15:17 Permalink

How many members of this so-called “Island” Peace Movement are actually Islanders?

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Homer Bombeck on February 7, 2003 - 18:54 Permalink

The Times column touches on the much-mocked “brutal Afghan winter” theory that peacenik alarmists ranted about before Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban. If you liked the reasoning of the Times column, you’ll probably enjoy the humourous, informed, and opinionated essays of Mark Steyn, the self-described ‘One Man Global Content Provider’.

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Homer Bombeck on February 7, 2003 - 18:57 Permalink

P.S. — Mark’s Mailbox can be particularly amusing and enlightening.