Annals of Island Pharmacies, Part II

A few notes gathered in the field today:

  • The café at the Friendly Pharmacy (down on Water St. on Charlottetown’s waterfront) is no more. Word from the pharmacist is that they needed the space for a new doctor’s office.
  • Honest Tea is back at the University Ave. Shopper’s Drug Mart. At least for now. There’s no longer any trace of Bottle Green, which appeared to have replaced it.
  • My dentist (the excellent Dr. Don Stewart at Cornwall Dental Clinic) gives out free Oral B “sensitive” toothbrushes. Presumably he gets these for free from Oral B in return for the exposure. Except that it seems as though you can’t actually buy the same toothbrush in stores. Weird.
  • All of the Murphy’s Pharmacies appear to be tied together with a common inventory system (hence you’ll often be prompted “do you want me to check the other stores?” if a particular store is out of stock of something). Interestingly enough, when I requested a product that none of the stores carry regularly, the clerk at their West Royalty Pharmacy branch told me that they could order it in and it would be there tomorrow. This makes me think they’re tied into some giant drug warehouse that they can tap into at will.
  • The Pharmasave at Ellis Bros. shopping centre that, as reported earlier, is moving to much bigger quarters next door, still hasn’t moved. Looks like construction is taking a little longer than expected.