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Justin on January 22, 2003 - 17:44 Permalink

In the grocery store you’d get that ticket for the advertised price minus $10.00.

Apparently the legislated Price Guarantee doesn’t apply to AC et al.

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anon on January 23, 2003 - 14:28 Permalink

I called A/C on Monday. Got a price for a ticket to Montreal. I got the exact flight numbers. I went online. I found the exact same flight. I went to book it, $230 more online then over the telephone. I called back and reserved.

The A/C web site is without a doubt, the easiest, simplest, user friendly, accurate, straight forward web site for booking airline tickets. It quickly shows you the lowest fares in mere seconds and allows you to book your ticked in less then 2 minutes. And with all this it offers you the same fare that A/C advertises in the newspaper. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

I booked tickets with (2 round trip to Toronto from Charlottetown… $477 ALL taxes in) and Canjet to Ottawa, $296 (1 ticket all in).