Annals of Crazy Tourism Schemes

The CBC is reporting that “organizers of September’s Black Eyed Peas concert on P.E.I. will keep the provincial sales tax on ticket sales under a special arrangement with the province.”

While this is being cast as some sort of enlightened “we’re not really giving them money” scheme, what is boils down to is more like “concert organizer can charge 10% more for tickets and get away with it.” That just smells wrong.

While I’ve no particularly strong feelings on the notion of the concert itself, other than a sense that it will suffer from all the “orgasmic tourism” problems that afflict other mega-super-concert of the century events, I am glad that they decided to hold it out in the wilds of Alexandra rather than in my front yard. Of course I also have some sympathy for the non-hip-hop-lovers in Alexandra.