Annals of Cool Geohierarchy Diagrams

There’s a really cool diagram in the 2006 Census Boundary Files Reference Guide for Canada that shows the geographical hierarchy they use:

I like how there’s a special classification for the “rural fringe” and “urban fringe.” Presumably these are special classes for gun owners and bicyclists respectively.

For a more detailed Charlottetown perspective, see Downtown Charlottetown Statistical Information in the Rukapedia.


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marc on March 27, 2008 - 01:21 Permalink

You should include the Charlottetown CA population of 58,625 in your rukapedia. The CA and CMA are the more common figures people use when they mention the size of their cities. The old city of Halifax was roughly 112,000 however you would never hear anyone use this number to describe the city of Halifax pre-HRM. Almost everyone utilizes the 370,000 of the CMA