Annals of Confusing Signage

Confusion has reigned out at the University of PEI Sports Centre for the past month as the general locker rooms have been closed for renovations and smaller team locker rooms temporarily re-purposed for we fitnessing civilians. A situation made somewhat more complicated by the impending switch to a more secure access policy for the entire facility that will involve much more card swiping to gain entry.

Now confusion of this small scale is usually something that can be mitigated by strategic use of signage. And on the card-swiping front there were clear notices posted well in advance all over the place.

As to the locker rooms, well:

So is this the men's locker room or not?

Setting aside the fact that the dates have slipped (it’s 5 days after the March 30 reopening date promised), the overlapping mess of signs says, in essence “don’t go here; no, wait, yes go here; no wait, don’t go here.”

Perhaps I quibble about something trivial? But working out, at least for me, is already fraught with enough stress (remember locker combination, avoid accidental penis gazing, remember to drink enough water, don’t die, etc.) that problems left gaping that could easily be solved by better communication are confounding.


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Robert Paterson on April 4, 2009 - 11:24 Permalink

It gets more confusing Peter — the other day I was watching a really good rugby game on TV — but there was something odd about it that I could not place at first. Until there was a line out a a close up of the players — these tough looking types, some with the kind of crumpled faces, bent noses, cauliflower ears etc that might scare kids and with thighs that could — we all you get my meaning — were women. It was a top ranking women’s rugby match.

If you remained modest and shared a locker room with this gang, you may not even know that you were in the wrong place