Amy Fell Off Autumn. And Other News.

Apparently Amy fell off Autumn yesterday. These are the things you overhear when lining up for a cheese danish here in Peterborough.

The other big news here is that Little Roy’s is closed for renovations; fortunately Big Roy’s next door has taken over the newspaper business for the duration of the closure, so it’s still possible to buy the Times. Indeed Big Roy’s is staying open until 8:00 p.m. every night (except Sundays) to compensate. When I questioned the cashier at Big Roy’s last night on the reason for the reno he said that Little Roy’s hadn’t been modified in more than 30 years and it was time for an upgrade.

Meanwhile on the personal front, my entire Peterborough morning routine has been thrown into a tizzy by changes in the schedule here at Twelve Pine. My routine — and am willing to admit here and now that I am a creature of habit — has included a refreshing Honest Tea accompanied by aforementioned danish and a bowl of fruit salad. The fruit salad man, however, doesn’t get in until later in the morning these days, so I’m left fruitless. It’s a hard adjustment.