All Means All

In a December blog posts where he discussed the 2019 quarter-millennial of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Archdeacon John Clarke wrote about the parish’s tagline for the year, A Caring Community for All:

With it we haven’t given up anything and other ways that we might describe ourselves are not lost. This tag-line will serve us for the year to remind ourselves and tell the world what we are trying to be.

But here’s fair warning, “All” mean all. Make no mistake about it—everyone, no matter their circumstances or history will fine a caring community at St. Paul’s. People ridiculed, ignored, beaten, or lost in this world are welcomed here and will be cared for to the best of our abilities. Or we change “all” to “some” and that just doesn’t seem true to the Gospel.

While I rarely take the religious route into Archdeacon Clarke’s words, I almost always connect with them on other levels, and for this sentiment that is particularly true. I am proud to be a secular affiliate of an institution that shines light so universally.