Aliant Helpfulness

Earlier in the week my office’s net connection went off the air. Some investigation with the help of the on-call tech support person at Aliant revealed that the Newbridge DSL device needed to be rebooted; thankfully, our friend Lida was still staying at the World HQ, so I was able to get her to do this.

Last night around midnight the same thing happened again. But Lida’s on her way back to New Hampshire, which created a problem. I called the Aliant support desk, got routed to the on-call pager, and about 35 seconds later got a call back from a very helpful woman named Heather.

Heather took the details of my situation, didn’t think I was insane, and promised to follow up. About 45 minutes later, Heather called back to tell me that she was able to have a tech remotely reset the Newbridge device and that everything was back in action.

This is a Good Customer Service. Thank-you.


Kevin O's picture
Kevin O on September 9, 2002 - 17:56 Permalink

Good customer service? Hardly! If they could have rebooted it the first time they should have. This is a clear failure of one end informing the other end of what is possible. Nevertheless, I understand the problem well. I give instructions on PRECISELY how to handle a particular situation. Problem is, if one insignificant detail is changed the front-line will often (frequently) not recognize the problem as a solveable one; so I do have great sympathy for their problem. People are becoming more like computers y’know… we used to be comfortable thinking laterally but in the past few years that’s been seriously discouraged (mostly by learning institutions).

Peter Rukavina's picture
Peter Rukavina on September 10, 2002 - 03:24 Permalink

You are right, Kevin: they should have known they could fix the problem, and offered to do so, the first time around. My kudos were more directed to Heather, who was unusually courteous and helpful, and both acknowledged and solved my problem. Given my previous “uh, hello, you’ve called me at home and I can’t do anything until Monday” responses to similar problems in past, this is a Big Step Ahead.