Aliant Anti-Virus

Just for the record, the last company on earth I would ever purchase a subscription anti-virus service from is Aliant. They are currently spamming their High Speed Internet customers with a subscription offer. Why would I trust a company that can’t calculate my cell phone bill properly with the security of my computer?


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Cameraguy on March 22, 2003 - 13:35 Permalink

Availability of High-Speed internet is giving me High-speed spins. First eastlink called me to inform me I was now inside their service area, and after booking a hook-up date, was told I was NOT in the service area. Now, the same story with Aliant. I was told I was in the area, AND the cost of “high-speed + unlimited long distance” was $47.85. Great… I called to get connected. During my 20-minute call the Aliant service rep was convinced that the $47.85 was only “part-of-the-package”, and that I would have to shell out an additional $11/month (on top of the regular $30.75) for the local hookup. The advertising for Aliant clearly states:

**The Internet, wireless and long distance packages are available on a standalone basis with no requirement to take Aliant’s local service and/or calling features.**

But, I could not convince her of this. She asked me for my name and number (AGAIN), and told me she’d call back.

When she called back… sure enough, I could get the $47.85 price without affecting my local phone bill. However, she was sorry to report that I really wasn’t in the high-speed service area in the first place!


Do they (Eastlink, Aliant, etc.,) tell you can get the service just so they can practise their “sales pitch”?

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Kevin on March 25, 2003 - 16:02 Permalink

Maybe. But we don’t.