The Afternoon Edition

At CBC Saskatchewan they don’t use up a lot of their creativity naming their radio shows. These shows are named, The Morning Edition, The Noon Edition and The Afternoon Edition.

One wonders why they just don’t call them The First Show, The Second Show and The Third Show (or even better, The Show after the First Show and so forth).

These names pale in comparision to the various jaunty names given to the afternoon show at CBC Toronto which have included Here & Now, Later the Same Day and, my personal favourite, 4 to 6 (which, admitedly, does have a Saskatchewan-like ring of the obvious to it).

In any case, this is all a backwards way of alerting the listening public that my gregarious brother Steve is filling in as host of The Afternoon Edition for the next several weeks, starting today.

You can listen to him live [using RealAudio] from 4 to 6 (!) Central Standard Time (aka wacky “no daylight savings time” time in the Central time zone).