Adventures in Airline Travel

Last night I filled in the last empty space in the air travel strands that are going to bind our spring trip to Europe together. Here’s a breakdown of what each chunk of our trip is going to cost (prices are for all three of us combined, all taxes and fees in, converted to Canadian dollars):

Charlottetown Boston Air Canada/Aeroplan $172.14
Boston Dublin U.S. Airways $580.55
Dublin Porto Ryanair $179.54
Porto London Ryanair $210.51
London Copenhagen easyJet $480.86
Malmo Dublin Ryanair $138.92
Dublin Boston U.S. Airways $580.55
Boston Charlottetown Air Canada/Aeroplan $172.14

It’s costing is $838 each for air travel, which seems pretty good for travel to five countries over five weeks on four different airlines.


Donald Stewart's picture
Donald Stewart on April 6, 2006 - 10:29 Permalink

Unbelievable… next time I will have you book our trip. Have fun and Happy Birthday! Don